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E.M.N., a medical facilitator company based in Thessaloniki Greece, introduces a profound network of highly qualified physicians with certifications and accreditations in Europe and America in order to provide a full range of exceptional medical services, from inpatient services through a hospital stay and outpatient care, always at competitive prices.

In our times, technology has minimized distances and brought people closer. As a result, efficient yet affordable medical services are easily accessible to everyone in the world avoiding the long waiting lists. EMN is proud that helps patients to receive top class medical treatment with safety. We are committed to earning the trust and partnership of each of our patients and their family members, and we prove it at every point on the care path.

EMN provides patients with the bridge from a health problem to wellbeing and achieves fast, impressive results due to the personalized caring approach and the scientific expertise.


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Medical Services in Greece, a place well known for the shiny sun, the blue sea, the warm climate and the nutritious Mediterranean cuisine. Trust your wellbeing to our well versed medical team in a leading hospital in Europe.


E.M.N. Founders

Dr Dimitris Zioutas

Operational Director

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Dr Chris Papadopoulos

Medical Director

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Nick Doulamis

Managing Director

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Eurythmia is a network between physicians, insurance companies and travel agents in Greece and the countries of the Balkans and the U.S.A. in order to provide high standard health care and to cover the unmet need of the health care system.

Greece is a country where the level of medical procedures is very high and Greek physicians are in the best of Europe. In the hands of a medical network composed by a group of the finest doctors and one of the best private hospitals in Europe, Eurythmia Medical Network provides high quality medical services combined with high level aftercare services as well in a well known destination

Plastic & Cosmetic surgeons
Obesity Surgeons