Abdominal Etching


Abdominal etching, also known as six pack liposculpture, is an effective procedure to define abdominal muscles, sculpting the appearance of a six pack contour in the abdominal area. Many men and women devote a large portion of their exercise routine to building abdominal muscles that give a toned and fit appearance. However, even with exercise, not everybody can achieve that athletic six-pack definition. Due to body type and genetics, some people find it difficult to increase the definition of abdominal muscles even with strenuous abdominal exercises.

Dr. Stamatis Sapountzis takes liposuction to an all new level for men seeking 6-pack abs. Men desiring a more sculpted abdominal appearance may consider ab etching to help get them closer to having the muscular appearance they wish to achieve. This specialty surgery uses liposuction to enhance the definition of the abdominal muscles by removing excess fat and reshaping the abdominal region to create “rippling” effect and a sculpted ab appearance. The best candidates for abdominal etching are men in relatively good shape who desire a more defined abdomen without intrusive scarring.

Abdominal etching is done with a special tumescent liposuction technique. The procedure removes and sculpts fatty tissue residing under the skin. Before the procedure, detailed markings are made of the patient’s flexed abs. During the surgery, small incisions are made within the natural contours of the abdomen. This helps minimize scarring. Through these incisions, fat is removed in some areas, thinned in others, and rearranged to accentuate the abdomen (rectus) muscles and the linea alba (the line running down the center of the abdomen).

All male abdominal etching procedures are performed under general anesthesia or iv sedation as an outpatient procedure at an accredited surgical facility. The surgery typically lasts about an hour. Following surgery, there will be some swelling and bruising in the abdomen. A compression garment should be worn for 3-6 weeks. Most patients are able to resume a normal work schedule within 1 week and incorporate exercise within 3 weeks. The full effect of surgery should be noticed within 6 months. This surgery allows men increased definition of their abdominals.